Greeting from President
    'Honesty as the foundation, concentration as the priority and persistence as the permanent pursuit’. This is my perception of life as how to conduct ourselves, do things and run business. I will always bear in mind friends from all works of life who have been caring for and supporting me along my journey of starting business. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude and sincere wishes to all of you.
      In the era of knowledge economy, education service has become an industry with leading development in the structural upgrading of industries in 21st century. The development of education service industry shall be featuring not only modern industry characteristics but also with Chinese characteristics and suit Chinese situation, and to promote the development of the Chinese education reform. From this perspective, Hengda Group is devoted to establishing a ‘comprehensive branded, specialized and internationalized education institution featured with modern industry characteristics’. It is a strategic goal of Hengda Group, as well as a practical choice for Hengda Group.  
      We have full confidence on future development. Together with you,Hengda Group would like to  create a bright future with our advanced education philosophy and comprehensive service!

                                                                ——Mr.Xuheng Tang

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