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Introduction of higher vocational education
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Introduction of higher vocational education
Vocational education is to train the educated with the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in a certain occupation. Therefore, vocational education is also called vocational and technical education or industrial education. Vocational education is one of the four major education sectors parallel to basic education, higher education and adult education.

Vocational education refers to the education that enables the educated to obtain the professional knowledge, skills and professional ethics needed by a certain occupation or productive labor. For example, pre employment training for workers, re employment training for laid-off workers and other vocational training, as well as various vocational schools such as vocational high schools, technical secondary schools and technical schools are all vocational education. The purpose of vocational education is to cultivate applied talents and workers with a certain level of education and professional knowledge and skills. Compared with general education and adult education, vocational education focuses on the cultivation of practical skills and practical working ability.

Non academic Vocational Education
Our company adopts the "dual system" mode of school enterprise cooperation in vocational education. The establishment of a "dual system" subject platform enables enterprises to participate in the whole process of teaching discussion and teaching operation management, and provide all-round guidance from training objectives, curriculum setting, textbook selection, teacher recruitment, training teacher selection, etc. at the same time, enterprises help students participate in post practice, continuously improve operation skills, and expand students' abilities according to the current situation and trend of social industry development Job adaptability.

Diploma Vocational Education
According to the social needs, our company and cooperative colleges jointly hold the education project of compound talents with academic background support and vocational skills in economically developed cities, which is based on diploma education, with vocational education as the main line and equipped with planned admission indicators. If the project students complete all the courses specified in the teaching plan within the specified time and pass the examination, they can obtain the diploma of Higher Vocational College registered by the Ministry of education; at the same time, those who participate in the corresponding professional skill training and pass the examination can obtain the vocational skill appraisal certificate or vocational qualification certificate.

After years of exploration, practice and continuous improvement, the vocational education project of our company has the following characteristics: firmly establish the market-oriented school running concept; carry out school enterprise cooperation, make clear the position to determine the professional training objectives; stable employment channels and perfect employment system; combine theory with practice to achieve the purpose of learning; scientific and rigorous management system.
Introduction of civil aviation service and management

Major course introduction
Flight attendants mainly refer to professionals who can engage in air service in Airlines. They are required to have certain listening and speaking ability in English or other languages, have certain social etiquette knowledge and skills, understand air defense and safety, meteorological knowledge, medical knowledge and first aid, cabin service, civil aviation passenger transport and other knowledge. This position is the one with the fastest development and the largest demand in the civil aviation industry. Judging from the development in recent years, the demand for talents in the industry is not decreasing. Especially with China's accession to the WTO, Beijing's successful bid for the Olympic Games, and Shanghai's successful bid for the World Expo, the restructured civil aviation industry has entered the second period of rapid development. With the rapid increase of the number of aircraft, the number of flight attendants has greatly expanded, and the demand for graduates majoring in flight attendants service is in short supply. If you want to be a flight attendant, it's hard to pass the test only by your beautiful face. Airlines have strict requirements on eyesight, height and body shape when recruiting. In addition, the sense of responsibility, discipline, seriousness and devotion are more appreciated by employers.

Employment prospects
China is in the great transformation process from a "civil aviation power" to a "civil aviation power", and the demand for the posts of flight attendants, ground service personnel, security inspection personnel and transportation management personnel is close to 500000. In a long period of time in the future, China's aviation talents will be in shortage. Compared with other industries, the introduction of talents in the civil aviation industry is relatively independent, or even closed, which is also an important reason for the shortage of flight attendants in China. In view of this situation, China's Aviation talents Committee has decided to cooperate with many famous universities to carry out the plan of famous universities plus employment insurance Professional orientation to cultivate excellent aviation talents.

Career direction
Domestic and foreign major airlines, local airlines, private airlines, foreign aviation service companies, major airports, cruise ships, large and medium-sized enterprises, institutions, etc.

Admission conditions
1. Graduates from senior high schools, technical secondary schools and vocational schools, male or female, should pass the interview and political examination;
2. Looks pretty,healthy skin, no disease,well-proportioned body, looks outgoing and  behave well;
4. Speak clearly, pronounce Chinese and English accurately, normally hearing, color sense and smell;
3. Height: female: 5'3"-5'8.4", male: 5'7"-6'1'', weight: P - (height: Ft-3.6ft) × 10%;
The binocular corrected visual acuity (E-chart) was not less than 4.8;

5. There is no obvious scar on the face, neck and hand, no mental history, no history of hepatitis, no history of chronic diseases, no obvious internal and external eight characters.

Introduction of high speed rail service and management
Major course introduction In order to adapt to the rapid development of China's railway transportation industry, our college has set up the specialty of "high-speed railway service and management". The main courses include train crew, railway passenger transport organization and management, railway passenger transport service, railway service etiquette, railway transport marketing, railway basic safety knowledge, tourism introduction, tourism psychology, tourism English, passenger security inspection, computer science and technology Basic, etiquette, tourism geography, etc., to train management and service talents for domestic high-speed rail and light rail transportation industry. Employment prospects In the next few years, the construction of China's high-speed railway will be accelerated. There is a shortage of high-speed railway talents. It is estimated that nearly 200000 such professional service talents will be needed. At present, only a few schools in China set up relevant service majors, which is far from meeting the social needs. Career direction Engaged in high-speed trains, intercity trains, tourism trains, express train crew and other high-end service management. Admission conditions 1.Graduates from senior high schools, technical secondary schools and vocational schools, male or female, should pass the interview and political examination; 2.Looks pretty,healthy skin, no disease,well-proportioned body, looks outgoing and  behave well; 3.Height: girls at least taller than 5'3", boysat least taller than 5'7"cm; 4. Clear speech, basic accuracy of Chinese and English pronunciation, normal hearing, color sense and smell.
Introduction of banking services and management

Major course introduction
Bank customer manager is a professional and technical personnel who is engaged in market analysis, customer relationship management, marketing service plan planning and implementation in the bank, and directly serves the customers. As a representative of external business in the financial industry with rich connotation, through the concentration of various available resources within the commercial bank, he vigorously markets financial products to target customers, provides high-quality financial services, and builds a bank enterprise relationship It is the bridge of communication and relationship development between the two sides, the source of strategic decision-making and product innovation of the bank, and the main executor of realizing the overall development strategy and goal of the bank. At the same time, the construction of customer manager team plays an important role in the operation and management of commercial banks. The main purpose of setting up the major of banking service and management in our college is to cultivate bank account managers for the banking industry.

Employment prospects
Because the customer manager has rich customer resources, and has high professional quality and customer service ability, so the salary is quite good, the average annual salary is 40000 ~ 150000 yuan. Especially for banks, due to the fierce competition between other financial institutions and banks, it is very important to develop and stabilize depositors. In the long run, the prospect of account managers is also very good.
Employment direction
Bank account managers and credit managers of commercial banks, postal savings banks, rural banks, rural credit cooperatives and other financial institutions, as well as managers of urban (rural) commercial banks, securities companies, insurance companies, trust companies, fund companies and other financial business departments.

Introduction of hotel service management

Major course introduction

In order to meet the urgent demand of the rapid development of China's hotel industry for hotel management talents, our hospital has set up the major of "hotel service and management". The main courses include: introduction to hotel management, hotel lobby and room management, hotel marketing, hotel conference management and service, hotel management information system, hotel service standard, business negotiation, catering psychology, banquet design, management communication , hotel comprehensive English, emergency nursing, professional makeup design, physique and sports training, professional training, hotel etiquette, college students' employment guidance, etc.

Employment prospects
Hotel management industry is one of the top ten hot industries in the world. With more and more large-scale international events such as the Olympic Games, the World Expo and the Asian Games successfully held in China, hotel groups of famous brands all over the world are aiming at the Chinese market and increasing investment. At present, there are 13808 star hotels in China, including 651 five-star hotels and about 500 under construction or to be built. The prosperity of the hotel industry leads to the situation that the supply of senior professionals in the industry is in short supply. The salary and social welfare income of hotel industry is much higher than that of other traditional industries. At the same time, with the increase of work experience, its work status will rise steadily.

Employment direction
All kinds of star hotels and other business departments are engaged in business negotiation, external liaison service, floor management, lobby management, consulting, exhibition and other work, front office reception staff and room service staff, etc.

Admission conditions
1.Graduates from senior high schools, technical secondary schools and vocational schools, male or female, should pass the interview and political examination;
2.Looks pretty,healthy skin, no disease,well-proportioned body, looks outgoing and  behave well;
3. Clear speech, basic accuracy of Chinese and English pronunciation, normal hearing, color sense and smell.
4.Height: girls at least taller than 5'3", boysat least taller than 5'7"cm;
Introduction of development for artificial intelligence

Major course introduction

The future opportunity lies in artificial intelligence, and Python is the preferred programming language for artificial intelligence, with powerful functions, easy to use and other technical features. From the cloud, client, to the Internet of things terminal, python applications are everywhere. This direction is based on the application development of artificial intelligence python programming language, which is suitable for web development, game programming, serial communication, image processing, robot control, Al, natural language analysis and other fields.

Employment prospects
Back end development, front-end development, crawler development, artificial intelligence, financial quantitative analysis, big data, Internet of things, etc. Python applications are everywhere. The core code of search engine Google is completed by python. The UNIX version generated by Disney animation has built-in Python environment support. The well-known Douban website in China is built using Python Technology It can be seen that Python application development technology is widely used in various companies, and the development prospect of Python is immeasurable.

Employment direction
Scientific research institutions (Robotics Research Institute, etc.), software and hardware developers, university lecturers, etc. The transformation of IT industry and the research and development of robots, intelligent robots and wearable devices will be a strong hot spot in the future.

Introduction of data development and analysis

Major course introduction

Big data technology refers to the ability to quickly obtain valuable information from various types of data, including data collection, data access, infrastructure, data processing, statistical analysis, data mining, model prediction, etc. This direction integrates the most cutting-edge technologies in enterprises, interprets the use details of big data technology from various aspects, and combines with real enterprise projects, so that students can better, faster and more deeply adapt to the application mode of big data technology in enterprises in advance.

Employment prospects

According to the talent report of the hottest jobs in China, the supply index of big data talent is the lowest, only 0.05, which is extremely scarce. As enterprises pay more and more attention to the use of big data, the talent gap of big data has exceeded one million, but there are only about 300000 big data practitioners in China. At the same time, big data is constantly expanding to various vertical fields, and the demand for talents in ETL R & D, system architecture development, data warehouse research, data analysis, data mining, artificial intelligence and other fields is increasing.

Employment direction

Engaged in big data related work in e-commerce, finance, medical, transportation, education, telecommunications, security, media, energy, power and other fields.

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