Higher education self-study examination is a national examination of higher education for self-students, mainly for academic qualifications. It is a form of higher education that combines individual self-study, social assistance and national examinations, which is an important part of my country's socialist higher education system.

   Promoting on-the-job professional education and post-university continuing education, training and selecting professional talents with both morality and ability, improving the ideological, moral, scientific and cultural quality of the whole nation, adapting The needs of the modernization of socialism is the main mission.
   International education refers to the global education transcends the country, or it can be called world education. Studying abroad is the most important and direct form of international education.
   Higher vocational education is a vocational education implement out on the basis of senior high school education, It is mainly to enable the scholars to obtain the practical abilities (including skills and knowledge) required by specific occupation or occupation group, and provide the way to a certain occupation.The types of talents cultivated in higher vocational education are practical and applied, which are different from those cultivated in ordinary higher education; the level of talents is senior specialized talents, which is higher than that cultivated in secondary vocational schools.
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