Group Culture
     Corporate culture refers to the values that are gradually formed in the practice of market economy ,which recognized and abide by all employees,with the characteristics of the company; it is the sum of corporate operating principles, operating way, ethics, and development goals; it is ubiquitous , An atmosphere closely related to each employee.
   The corporate culture of Hengda Group includes six aspects: group vision, group mission, group core values, group spirit, group ethics, and group style.

Group Vision


Build a World-Class Company, Create Global Education Brand

To be first-class enterprises, create first-class talents.

Group Mission
Group Value

Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Innovation

Teamwork, Innovation, Challenge

Group Spirit

Group Ethics

Practice, Dedication, Integrity, Compliance

Superiors serve subordinates, all staff serve students. Effective and efficient work, daily clear.

Group Style
Adress:Room 1016,Building 3, No.99, West Road of North Third Ring, Haidian District
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