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Hengda Group (hereinafter referred to as "the Group") is an international investment group that focuses on the development of the education industry, and is committed to investment, management, consulting and research at multi-industry in China and International.

Through years of development, Hengda Group now becomes one of the largest Education Group in China, and which has formulated various programs including international education program, domestic vocational education program, degree education program. Until 2021, Hengda Group has a total enrollment of more than 18,000 students, 800 full-time and part-time teaching staff with a senior title, and more than300 employees.

Faculties & Staffs

Group Introduction
Group Structure

II. Group Culture

Vision: Build a World-Class Company, Create Global Education Brand

Mission: To be first-class enterprises, create first-class talents.

Value: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Innovation

Spirit: Teamwork, Innovation, Challenge

Ethics: Practice, Dedication, Integrity, Compliance

Style: Superiors serve subordinates, all staff serve students. Effective and efficient work, daily clear.

The Group advocates the business philosophy of ‘law-abiding, honest, dedicated and innovative’, and takes ‘customer satisfaction, employee trust and social reassurance’ as its service tenet. With a high sense of responsibility and pragmatic spirit, we are rooted in the education business, planning from a high starting point, building to a high standard, and managing with high quality to ensure that each of our brands achieves the goals of high starting point, high grade and high quality.
III. Group business philosophy
IV. Group Structure and Current Business
Branches in China
Overseas Divisions
Current Business

1. Beijing Hengda Investment Co.,Ltd.

The headquarters of the Group, referred to as "Beijing Hengda",is responsible for the overall development planning, targeting and planning of the Group, capital coordination and investment, preparation for listing and organization of implementation.

2. Zhuhai Hengda Education & Technology Co.,Ltd.

The Group Operation and Management Center, referred to as "Zhuhai Hengda", is responsible for the overall operation, management and market development of the Group. It is responsible for the unified leadership, management and resource allocation of functional departments and other subsidiaries, campuses and projects in terms of human, financial and material resources.

3. Beijing Hengda International Education & Technology Co.,Ltd.

Referred as ‘Hengda International’, Henda International is responsible for the development, teaching and management of the Group's international programs in China, and the introduction of international education resources from and the promotion of the business of overseas companies.

The International Company undertakes the approval, evaluation, contracting, assessment and guidance of the Group's international programs, it is responsible for managing the operation, recruitment, management, teaching and the college applying of students of international program, and for formulating the management system and requirements for students in international programs.

The goal of the Hengda International is to introduce excellent international educational resources, adopt various modes and operation to run international education program to cultivate qualified international students.

4. Beijing Zhi Zhi Fang Zhou Education & Technolgy Co.,Ltd.

Referred as ‘Fang Zhou Company”, which is an educational company that provides development and services for career development, education and training, and employment guidance.

Fang Zhou Company is committed to the development and promotion of vocational skills and quality training course system and employment consulting services for college student. Relying on the first-class training bases, standardized training courses, rich educational resources and extensive corporate support, we dedicate on students' learning and employment service, and also provide recruitment serve for enterprises.

5. Hengda Education & Technolgy (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.

Referred as ‘Shenzhen Hengda’, which is mainly responsible for the development of the group's system integration, education information platform, teaching simulation software, and teaching resources database. Developing software service of modern education equipment and public services, online education, online promotion platform and related online activities.

6. Guangzhou Nuoru Education Consulting Co.,Ltd.

Referred as ‘Nuoru Company”, which is responsible for signing cooperation agreements on behalf of the Group, focusing on the operation and management of its subordinate campuses and programs, as well as for the management and allocation of the resource of people, finances and materials.

7. Hainan Ruimeida Education & Technology Co.,Ltd.

Referred as ‘Hainan Company’, mainly running the business of Group in Hainan Province. Managing and allocating the resource of people, finance and materials.

Jiejing International Education

Jiejing international education is an online teaching platform based on the quality ability + interest ability project of countries including the United States / Britain / Australia / Canada. Team members have been involved in international competitions for many years, serving more than 500 students +, guiding students to obtain many excellent achievements, and many students have successfully entered world famous schools such as the top 20 in the United States and the G5 in the United Kingdom.

Jiejing international education has served more than 2000 students and participated in international competitions such as AMC American middle school students' mathematics competition, American middle school students' mathematical modeling competition, Qiu Chengtong's mathematical modeling and so on. The student award rate is 75%, and more than a dozen students have been admitted by top universities in Britain and the United States. Jiejing international education has many scarce event learning resources. The average score raising rate of students is more than 30%, the average score raising rate of IB is 2-3, and the full score rate of AP is 72%. Students match the appropriate background improvement projects through the "three-step" created by jet match, which not only improves their own quality and ability, but also takes into account their academic background, so as to truly achieve the "efficiency" combination of "interest" and "academic".

1.Hengda USA Education Coporation

Hengda USA Education Corporation, referred as ‘Hengda USA’, is an education investment and management company owned by Beijing Hengda Investment Co. The company was incorporated in California on July 2, 2016 and is located in Monrovia, Los Angeles, USA.

Hengda USA focuses its growth strategy on the education. In the field of education, the company's main business scope is to invest and manage the US universities, colleges, campuses, flight schools, high schools, hospitals, research institutes and other education, technology, real estate. Improving the cooperation and exchange of education between China and the United States.

1.The Group has always been committed to the integrated services of education investment, management, consulting and research, actively expanding education programs, keeping up with market demand. The Group currently run more than 20 programs.

(1) Cooperative Program in National Recruitment Plan

International Program: Undergraduate 2+2, 4+0, Postgraduate 2+0 (Subject of Engineering)

University undergraduate: Second-level Schools (Artificial Intelligence, Security and Emergency Management);

Junior College: Vocational Training Courses

(2) Full-time Education Programs

Pre-college:4 years undergraduate, 3 years Upgrade

Vocational Education: Degree and Skill

International Program: Undergraduate-Postgraduate 3+1+1, Undergraduate 2+2, 4+0, Pre-Undergraduate 1+3, International High School, EMBA, DBA, Summer School, etc.

(3) Training & Other Education Programs

Vocational Training: Qualification, Vocational Skill, Internship and Employment

International Program: International Education Agency, Language Training, Study Tour and Summer/Winter Camp.

(4) Part-time Degree Programs

Adult, Distance, Self-study program.

(5) Other Programs

Investment and acquisition of educational products, Internet Technology, Automobile Service, Farming, Incubation and Transformation of Hi-Tech, Entrepreneurial Support.

2. The Group has carried out cooperation with several Top Universities in China, including Beihang University(Being University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Beijing Institute of Technology, South China University of Technology, Yunnan University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Harbin Engineering University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Guangdong University of Science and Technology, Communication University of China at Nanjing, Shanghai Film Art Academy, Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University and other prestigious universities. Operation office has been established in Beijing, Nanjing, Zhuhai, Harbin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu and etc.

3. The Group has one Training Center integrating a full set of aviation training simulation cabin, theory classroom, accommodation and office, and one “Aviation Simulation Training Center" mainly supporting the training in aircraft of B737-800 / A320. The construction of training center, first of all, can better complete our company's vocational education project students' training practice, second is to provide a strong bearing entity for vocational education project research and development.

In charge of the Group's administrative affairs.
Drafting documents, internal/external     communication, internal coordination, work arrangement, supervision of implementation, brand maintenance, management of website, vehicles, files, etc. Supervising the security and stability in Group operation, and the work of academic qualifications.Responsible for international project management and maintenance and operation of the company's new media platform.
V.Functional Departments
President's Office
Financial Assets

In charge of the financial management and asset-related security. Implementing the National and Group’s financial laws and regulations on budget, financial income and expenditure, pre-final accounts, data statistics, reports. Managing and training financial staff.Drafting office budget; asset procurement, storage, reimbursement, deployment, maintenance, scrapping, inventory, clerical and printing, military training, physical examination, insurance, teaching materials, and tickets.
Human Resource Audit Department
In charge of Human Resource and Personnel Regulations.Draft personnel rules and regulations, process, preparation, salary budget; employee recruitment, appointment and removal, attendance, assessment, training; conducting employee labor relations, contracts, social security, provident fund, salary and welfare.In charge of supervision, inspection and audit.Auditing and supervising the operation of the Group by National Audit and Supervision laws and regulations and group regulations. Proposing opinions and issue audit reports.
In charging of academic affairs.Setting course and teaching plan, academic schedule and budget; supervising the quality and operation of teaching; Managing student registration.
Academic Affairs
Responsible for the group's domestic and foreign market expansion business. Carry out market research, formulate work plans, study market promotion areas, channels, and methods; be responsible for project development, inspection, evaluation, project establishment, negotiation, and signing; participate in the preliminary start-up work (admissions, teaching, management) of newly signed projects; be responsible for maintenance Cooperative unit relationship.
Project Department
Adress:Room 1016,Building 3, No.99, West Road of North Third Ring, Haidian District
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