Functional Departments
President's Office
In charge of the Group's administrative affairs.
Drafting documents, internal/external     communication, internal coordination, work arrangement, supervision of implementation, brand maintenance, management of website, vehicles, files, etc. Supervising the security and stability in Group operation, and the work of academic qualifications.Responsible for international project management and maintenance and operation of the company's new media platform.
Human Resource Audit Department

Financial Assets
In charge of the financial management and asset-related security. Implementing the National and Group’s financial laws and regulations on budget, financial income and expenditure, pre-final accounts, data statistics, reports. Managing and training financial staff.Drafting office budget; asset procurement, storage, reimbursement, deployment, maintenance, scrapping, inventory, clerical and printing, military training, physical examination, insurance, teaching materials, and tickets.
In charge of Human Resource and Personnel Regulations.Draft personnel rules and regulations, process, preparation, salary budget; employee recruitment, appointment and removal, attendance, assessment, training; conducting employee labor relations, contracts, social security, provident fund, salary and welfare.In charge of supervision, inspection and audit.Auditing and supervising the operation of the Group by National Audit and Supervision laws and regulations and group regulations. Proposing opinions and issue audit reports.
Academic Affairs Departmen
In charging of academic affairs. Setting course and teaching plan, academic schedule and budget; supervising the quality and operation of teaching; Managing student registration.

Project Department
Responsible for the group's domestic and foreign market expansion business. Carry out market research, formulate work plans, study market promotion areas, channels, and methods; be responsible for project development, inspection, evaluation, project establishment, negotiation, and signing; participate in the preliminary start-up work (admissions, teaching, management) of newly signed projects; be responsible for maintenance Cooperative unit relationship.
Adress:Room 1016,Building 3, No.99, West Road of North Third Ring, Haidian District
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